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Our Mission


We, as a family, decided we wanted to honor Kailey in a way that would highlight her dedication to children while helping those that may be struggling. Kay always felt that children come first, and that no child should feel alone or left to suffer in silence. She also knew that sometimes there is no other choice. Since her passing, we have taken on dual roles as grandparents as well as primary caregivers. We know firsthand the challenges of raising your child’s child. We also know that not all experiences are the same in this matter.

Children of deceased parents can be confused, scared, anxious a feel alone. There will forever be a void in their life that may never be filled. It simply cannot. Positive outcomes are not a guarantee. Kailey’s Kisses was created to give those children, no matter the circumstance or the age, a reason to be hopeful, if only for short time. Most children will adapt, unfortunately many may not. Our mission is to help those we can. We want to provide special experiences that elicit comfort and hopefulness to those who are experiencing this profound loss at such an early age. This can come in many ways: A trip to a desired attraction for a few days. Maybe a new hobby or activity requires equipment or gear that is not in the budget with the new caregivers. This can even be in form of simply assisting in finding help or counseling to those that require a little more care. These are things we can help with! Bringing a little hope to a grief-stricken child. Nothing will bring back their parent, but our hope is to show that there are people that understand what they are going through and want to ease the pain, if only for a moment.

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