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Kailey's Story

Kailey’s Kisses, formed in 2022, in honor of our beautiful daughter Kailey. She died unexpectedly in July 2021 from an asthma attack while attending a waterpark in Upstate New York. She was and forever will be a bright light to all who knew and loved her. Her infectious laugh and contagious smile were only shadowed by her generous heart filled with enormous love for life and family. She graduated from Cicero-North Syracuse High School in 2017 with dreams of one day owning her own daycare center, where she could fill her days with the laughter of babies and children. Despite a learning disability that was diagnosed in her toddler years, Kailey worked hard at everything she did. She had to; things did not come easy for her. She was determined to do what was needed to make her life successful and live out her dreams.

Kay (as we call her) always had a passion for babies and small children, it was no surprise to us that that is what she wanted to pursue in life. She was the eternal playmate and ultimate caregiver. She knew she would be a mother someday. Her dream of motherhood came true in March 2020 with the birth of her only child, a beautiful healthy baby boy named Brantley. Her heart was so full of pride and love for this gift. She was able to witness all of his first milestones such as his first tooth, his first steps, his first haircut and his first birthday. Sadly, that is all he was able to have with her. He was only 17 months old when she died. She had just turned twenty-three.

The death of Kailey has changed our lives in ways that most will never comprehend. Losing a child is the most devastating heartbreak a family will ever endure. The lives that are left behind are left with pieces to pick up, questions to be answered, dreams to be reimagined and sorrow that seems to be endless. We will never be the same family. Brantley is living and thriving with us, his grandparents. Kay’s brothers Zack and Jarrett, and countless others, are essential to his upbringing. We are so grateful for the support we have. Together we will ensure that he will know his mother, through memories and photos and the legacy of this foundation.

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